One Day I’ll understand

So why do I feel vaguely uncomfortable? The book’s been out for a long while now to huge critical acclaim. I read One Day on holiday and thoroughly enjoyed it. At the time I knew my wife would enjoy it at least as much as I did. I suppose the first suspicion began when parts of the book made me feel very sad. I related to both main characters and could hear David Nicholl’s voice. It was about graduates from my era – of course I could relate… but feel emotion? … I’m a bloke!

I felt a distinct lack of conviction in the answers to my questions on the novel’s claims as chicklit.

So then the movie. Definitely one for people who have read the book and I really enjoyed it (didn’t even question Emma’s accent) but felt the same pain at various points in the story.

I’m a happily straight man with a fondness for good literature and serious films. I think I know what’s good and don’t need anyone to agree with me.

So why was I the only man in the cinema and why am I bothered?

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