The real Greek tragedy

I really feel for Greece and Papandreou. Right now one of the greatest countries in world history is
only linked with crippling debt. Poor Papandreou has to muscle through an aid deal which will cripple them even more for the next few years and have his name linked to it forever. He can’t ask his countrymen because there isn’t time and they might say no and so his name is consigned in Greek history in the way that Enoch Powell, Oswald Moseley or the Sheriff of Nottingham are for British people.

Most choices have an upside but this really is the lesser of two evils. What brought it home to me was the sight of students protesting. Their education relies on schools and universities staying open with good quality teachers and the right materials. Their tourism relies on the maintenance of national monuments and street cleaning, their culture looks after the elderly and the children.

The brief mentions of warfare and peace from Greek MPs highlighting their geographical location and from Angela Merkel, worryingly should not be ignored. We know what happens when a country is suppressed and loses it has it’s national pride challenged. Many of the values they are desperately trying to hang on to we lost decades ago and can never get back.

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