BREAKING NEWS: Meeting to discuss Ashbourne Market now 22nd March!

I’ve just received this from the DDDC

“Thank you for your email and for initiating the petition, which I note has now passed the minimum threshold of 10 petitioners.

 We met with the Chairman of the Partnership and Regeneration Committee last evening, to plan the agenda for the scheduled meeting on 23 February.  The Chairman considered that the report on Stall Markets is clearly an important issue to local people and one in which the Committee would want to spend an appropriate period of time in discussion.  The Chairman has therefore requested a special meeting to deal solely with the report on 22 March at 6pm, Town Hall, Matlock.

 The report of the Overview Committee will be published in advance of the meeting, and I shall send a copy electronically to you via this email address.  The report will also be available to view on our web site.

 Your petition will be included in the Agenda for the Committee’s consideration at the Special Meeting and I will make arrangements with you shortly to see whether you wish to present it to the Committee in person.   If you do wish to present the petition, you will have up to 3 minutes to address the Committee.  The Chairman may then ask questions of you about the petition before it is formally discussed.  There is also an opportunity during Public Participation for other members of the public to address the Committee on the report if they so wish, provided they have given notice by Midday on the day prior to the meeting date.  Full details of Public Participation are on our web site and on request from”

This means there is more time to create a plan and to get the view properly heard. Well done everyone

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1 Response to BREAKING NEWS: Meeting to discuss Ashbourne Market now 22nd March!

  1. Fiona says:

    Bit of a shame the meeting is in Matlock and not Ashbourne, where it might be better attended by Ashbourne people! Still well done though.

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