Harry who?

It seems we like to fall into the same traps repeatedly and we are going to do it with the same England manager. Thanks to the journos who like ‘Arry because he’ll always come onto the radio or give them a quote, we’ve become a nation of all wanting Harry Redknapp as next England manager.

This has been helped in no small part by a sudden uplift in Harry Redknapp’s availability for said quotes when Capello was starting to wobble. His self-publicity followed very closely by shyness as soon as the job became available is amazing. This is a man who, for understandable reasons would like a part-time, well-paid job to settle into at his time of life and which would allow him to enjoy his seaside lifestyle in Dorset.

I’d have no qualms about it if anybody seriously believes he has the capability to lead a group of well-paid but ill-disciplined youths to World Cup glory. The bandwagon began when Tottenham had a surprisingly good start to the season. This is a bit of spin to start with since ‘Arry has spent quite a lot of money on Tottenham. After Chelsea and Manchester City, Harry Redknapp is right up there in terms of net transfer fees over the last few years. You could argue that he should be sacked if he didn’t manage to contend for something. His track record compared to Capello, Robson, Ericksen or even McLaren is inferior. He certainly has experience in terms of years but what suggests that he would be able to turn it into results. The final nail in his candidacy is that he always plays the underdog. David O’Leary was a master at it and Mark Hughes is attempting to do so too. The tactic is to make it sound like you are competing against such overwhelming odds that achieving anything is miraculous. The current Spurs downturn is due to all the speculation (remind me again who started it?). Fine if you haven’t spent millions that is.

Still, he will be cheap. Back in the day he said that anyone should crawl over broken glass for the privilege of managing their country. In his court case he said that he was a giver not a taker. We shall see!

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