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Start the Hovis music again…this time for 12 months! Check your Ancestry subscription renewal date

Following on from my genealogy post a few weeks ago I am now in a very annoying position. Bless those dear souls at Ancestry! I have used the Family Tree Maker software now for around 3 years. For the first … Continue reading

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Fighting Talk’s Big Day Out

                        On Saturday 25th May, with little expectation of anything, we went to the FTBDO. The show had been trailed for a few weeks on the live radio show … Continue reading

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The Gallimore Plan – he can help right away!

The Ashbourne News Telegraph front page headline this week was “Privatisation Plan for town’s market” and it outlined a suggestion from local landlord Mick Gallimore to use some of his land to host the Ashbourne Thursday and Saturday markets. The … Continue reading

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Exams haven’t got easier… just better… and so have the students!

In 2008, Durham University published some research that said A Level grades have got two grades easier over previous 20 years and recently Ofqual published which suggests the standard of examinations is going down. People of my generation seem to … Continue reading

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Apathy: The New Democracy

Image courtesy of shirt.woot 32% of the voters tiptoed into the voting booths to register the vote in yesterday’s Council elections. Of those cities that carried out a referendum, not one got the go ahead for an elected Mayor as … Continue reading

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