Singing In The Rain..why the weather is good news

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We’ve seen the headlines about our weather of Biblical proportions. And yes, it’s raining again today. When will it ever end? In true Pollyanna vein, there are some great reasons to enjoy what we’ve got:

1. It provides a boost to the economy. Actually, to be more precise we are seeing a boom time for heating fuel suppliers, umbrella retailers, and warm cosy pubs (where they are not already boarded up). These could also be bumper years for Damart, Radox, and Deep Heat. This is in stark contrast to the disastrous conditions for anyone organising an event, tourism in general, ice-cream, farming…

2. Gooseberry crops are enormous. Daily I hear of sacks of gooseberries being harvested from a single small plant. Just think of the wide range of cuisine we can all enjoy with crumble, jam, wine ….erm. Anyway it more than makes up for the calamitous strawberry harvest, wheat battered by wind and soft fruits pummelled by hail.

3. In #Ashbourne there was much criticism of the finish of the Flood Defence wall by the Park. All discussion of the importance of stone compared to brick has gone strangely quiet for a while.

4. The drought is over. Good news everyone, you can now turn on the hosepipe to reinvigorate your lawns and bedding plants. OK you may need a machete to get to the hosepipe but the choice is yours once more.

5. As my mother used to say “you won’t feel the benefit”. There’s nothing more disappointing than stepping off a plane in Spain and feeling nonplussed. Even a mild cloudy Marbella day now seems like the tropics. Blimey, even the South Of England seems like the tropics these days.

6. There’s never been a better time to go back to good old family pastimes. Before TV and video games families would huddle together round a single candle flame and have singalongs round the piano, play card games, read to each other, do cross-stitch, kill a Turkish noble through over-vigorous lovemaking… oops, I’ve slipped into a Downton Abbey flashback! Thinking about it I’m not sure we are ready for intensive family activity. We may create material for a whole new series of Jeremy Kyle but we all need our own space these days.

7. We can all participate in the British pastime of moaning about the weather we’ve got and using cod weather forecasting techniques to anticipate it’s end.

See you next June.

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