My Olympic viewing – Day 6: Swimming and more

Medals for Team GB: Gold: Men’s Cycling Sprint team, Peter Wilson – Double Trap, Men’s Canoe Slalom Pair. Silver: Men’s Canoe Slalom Pair, Gemma Gibbons – Judo, Men’s Lightweight Rowing Four

A day of surprises. Just as the nation was getting ready for the big boys of cycling and rowing to rescue the country from our medal doldrums up stepped all the other athletes to make a point. More to the point they showed the guts in adversity that had been missing from some of the earlier events

There are some interesting celebrity commentators emerging from the events. Ian Thorpe is a little eccentric. Physically the Thorpedo has an element of Avatar about him but he sometimes looks startled on camera. While the others have an awareness that the camera covers all three pundits he seems to think he’s offscreen unless he is actually talking. Poor Clare Balding tries to hold it together but she sometimes appears like the school mistress taking the kids on a school trip. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a Tupperware box of egg sandwiches on the desk in front of them or a shot of her handing out CurlyWurlys to the two boys. Actually, there would be absolutely no room on the table for the egg sandwiches. The swimming commentary team could easily be filling out their tax returns they have so much paper in front of them.

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3 Responses to My Olympic viewing – Day 6: Swimming and more

  1. Fiona Dawson says:

    You mean you didn’t spend the day watching dressage?? Tsk! We’re in gold medal position currently (day one) in case you were curious….

    • I’d love to hear the radio commentary for it. I did realise we were in gold and silver position and that the Canadians had a problem. I think there is some blog gold in it though. I’ll try and catch some tonight

  2. Fiona Dawson says:

    It’s pretty hard going if you’re not interested in horses….sort of like opera and ballet rolled into one…in Russian…

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