My Olympic viewing – Day 7: A vision of a weird but colourful future

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Medals: Gold: Mens Cycling Pursuit, Victoria Pendleton – Women’s Cycling Keirin, Women’s Rowing Double Sculls. Bronze: Rebecca Adlington – Women’s 800m freestyle, Karina Bryant – Women’s Judo +78kg, Alan Campbell – Men’s Single Sculls

The styling for the Olympics is interesting. Across all the venues there is a unity of design through fonts, colours and furnishing. It always amazes me how when you watch a period drama on TV you can still tell when it was filmed. Over the last few days there have been clips played from previous Olympics – the exploits of Michael Phelps, Bradley Wiggins and even Princess Anne and instantly you can date them. The odd thing about this is that London 2012 looks like the future: if people walked around in tinfoil suits and swallowed a single pill for lunch I wouldn’t be surprised. Maybe that’s Kim Gavin’s plot – Danny Boyle covered the agricultural revolution to the present day whereas Kim is going to take it to infinity and beyond. Nothing highlights this more than the hockey and the Double trap. The colour scheme is a deep blue and shocking pink. TV sets of a more nervous disposition will struggle to handle this without severe flaring but the overriding impression is of a video game circa 1978. I suspect we’ll never see it’s like again. The Double trap worked really well with the clays hit exploding into a puff of pink smoke against the backdrop. The track cycling also has that air about it with the extravagantly designed bikes, immaculate shiny helmets and the skinhugging body suits. I can see it is only a small step from where we are now to a virtual Olympics where we never have to leave our home country to control droids in the same way the Formula One teams can tweak the metrics of their cars from home base – and then we’ll really see the Asian subcontinent clean up.

Once again British cycling was dominant. Victoria Pendleton won the keirin – I know what that is in the same way that I know what the Omnium is – the sport even has its own language. The men’s pursuit team set a new world record on the world’s fastest ever track.

By my reckoning, although we have got medals in 22 events we have achieved our 48 medal objective without the 11 from Women’s football. Well done Team GB

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