My Olympic viewing – Day 9: Usain Bolt…that is all

Medals: Gold – Andy Murray – Mens Singles, Ben Ainslie – Sailing Finn. Silver – Christine Ohurugu – Women’s 400m,   Louis Smith – Men’s Pommel, Tennis Mixed Doubles, Sailing Star Class. Bronze – Ed Clancy – Men’s Cycling Omnium, Max Whitlock – Men’s Pommel

I actually managed to see the most TV so far yesterday. I was heartened to hear that the biggest TV audience of the Olympics so far was reserved for Mighty Mo’s performance. I suspect the 100m final may surpass it however.

The gymnastics pommel final got some of my attention. It is in the North Greenwich Arena and I can’t help wondering whether someone at least considered the Royal Albert Hall for the event. We did well in the event with a specialist Hungarian winning the Gold. I could not tell the difference between the performances other than knowing that none of them fell off or made an obvious mistake. I do wonder whether the judges should not be told who is performing and see what difference it would make to their scoring. Louis lost out on the gold based on the execution of his routine  – he got more points for the difficulty.

The highlight of the day was undoubtedly the athletics in the main stadium. First Christine Ohurugu did a late burst to pinch the silver medal with impeccable timing. Perri Shakes-Drayton slightly dampened the evening with her interview where she appeared to be underwhelmed by the response in the arena – she was expecting something better. And then came the big one – the 100m final. Usain Bolt just blew them away and if ever there was an athlete powered by adrenalin he’s the one. He may not reflect the Olympic values of respect for your opponents but he is certainly a draw. I could never imagine him shedding a humble tear on the top tier of the podium – maybe bucket loads if he was forced to stand in the gold or silver position.

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