My Olympic viewing – Day 13: More sport, less chat

Medals – Gold: Charlotte Dujardin – Freestyle Dressage, Nicola Adams – Womens Flyweight Boxing, Jade Jones – Womens Taekwondo -57kg. Bronze – Laura Bechtolsheimer – Freestyle Dressage

A very odd highlights programme last night with Gaby Logan. She has been dumped with a format that is questionable at best and she does her best to hold it together. The guest list was John McEnroe, Daley Thompson and Jess Ennis – perfect if the action on the day is all athletics and tennis. I am a big fan of all of them but I am a little tired of the going back over old ground. The wonderful Jessica Ennis won her gold on Day 8 and we have seen rather a lot of interviews and replays since then. How on Day 13 we can still justify a 15 minute intro showing more beggars belief. I think we have established without doubt that the crowd were fantastic and being the pin-up girl for these games did create additional pressure. There were also clips of Daley in action but at least he makes good banter.

I wouldn’t mind but the first gold medal performance they showed was Usain Bolt in the 200m with lots of interviews and back story. When it was poor old Jade Jones’s turn we got shown around two minutes from the final round of her contest and the panel were completely unable to comment sensibly on her performance while they could all gush about athletics. Up next was a segment on Boxing – again lots of back story about Nicola Adams then the whole two minutes of round two and the last round. The BBC is obsessed with the safe ground of showing prerecorded segments rather than the sport itself. Again, they had very little comment on it from even their boxing representative on the panel – John McEnroe. He had attended the final’s day in the arena to watch Katie Taylor of Ireland win the Women’s Middleweight Gold. Well done Katie but this is the BBC and the B stands for British. Why did we have coverage by Dara O’Briain and Ed Byrne and more of the fighting time than Nicola Adams got? She may be a great boxer but there are many overseas athletes who could get more air time. At least David Rudisha set a world record in the 800m.

It’s almost that the BBC has forgotten how to cover sport. The loss of the big events to Sky has left them with too much air time to fill with chat shows and they use the format for everything. The Olympics creates a massive opportunity for them with an interest in minority sports which they could cover going forward – a TV legacy from the Games.

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