Some lies, damn lies and then some awesome Olympic statistics

What we really thought of the opening ceremony

Unavoidable Olympic conclusions – if you are an amateur:

Dorney Lake has faster water than Stratford or the Serpentine. Overall London is roughly 20% slower than Beijing.

If you want to get medals the easy way… learn to swim

Don’t bother watching the Olympics until Day 5.

Don’t pick a fight in Ireland, Azerbaijan, Georgia or Iran. But if you want to run away your best chance is in Jamaica, Kenya or Ethiopia

Olympic organisers said that around 90% of ticket holders for the Olympics showed up. This means there are 1.1m unused tickets somewhere.

Here is an excellent slideshow with some Olympic infographics open for interpretation.

Interesting Olympic statistics for the professional:

An awesome collection of infographics and stats:

China only had the sixth largest team at the Olympics – smaller than Germany and Australia. Team GB had the largest.

Relative to Population and GDP Grenada had the most successful Olympics (Team GB 20th and 40th). By team size China won (Team GB 13th) and officially, with medals weighted, USA top the table with Team GB 4th.

If privately educated athletes were a country they would have finished 12th in the medal table. 36% of British medal winners were privately-educated compared to 50% in 2008

The average Olympic athlete is aged 26, weighs 72.8kg and is 176.9cm tall but the range is Age: 13-71, Height 135cm – 221 cm and Weight 36kg – 218 kg. At least I’m in the range!

Specifically the site introduces emoto – a project capturing the sentiment of social media throughout the Games – what were we saying and how positive were we? In September this will be a data sculpture in Trafalgar Square

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