Top ten Twitter dislikes

1. People who don’t explain who they are. I don’t want to follow just anyone. Twitter is not about numbers
2. Swearing…there is no need – you have few enough characters
3. Celebrities who don’t follow back – they need to keep in touch with real people more than anyone
4. RTs and #ffs that get lost in the edit. The intention may be there but when the tweet goes the structure means they don’t appear
5. The Twitter app on the iPad (hard to navigate) and on the iPhone (not much scope to edit RTs). Not found the perfect app yet though (suggestions please – Hootsuite and Tweetdeck too busy for an iPhone, Tweetlist weak in navigating profiles, Echofon reasonable all-rounder but unreliable)
6. Spamming and advertising
7. Twitter conversations which are written to remain private. Just add a little to entertain the rest of us or use email.
8. Lists – I keep them just to keep tabs but really… What are they for?
9. Twitter rules on unfollowing. I kind of get it but then don’t slap a limit on how many people you can follow. You end up with a ridiculous juggling act to keep under the 2000 follows without any help from the Twitter app
10. Pleas for mass following (except charity) – why?

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