Stop the Hovis music!

If you ever yearn for a time gone by when everything was rosy and Britain was a better place to live you should try doing your family tree.

Forget the hope of discovering a long lost fortune or celebrities. Instead settle in to generation after generation of agricultural labourers interspersed by “the one who made it” as a gardener for a generation. A time when no-one rose above their class and had no aspiration to a career other than their father’s. Revel in the large families of 12 and 13 children where names get reused due to infant mortality. Watch as for hundreds of years the people move no more than 20 miles – and then only through marriage. See those large families left with a desperate mother as the father dies in his prime. In the cities see the addresses of courts and yards which have long since been condemned. Cities which were the cradle of the industrial revolution built them on working conditions which would be condemned as sweatshops in Asia these days. See the physical documents which were signed with a cross by your illiterate nearest and dearest.

Give me the here and now and thank my lucky stars to be born at a time when I have the luxury of the time and means to look at my ancestry.

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/kʊk/ Not a chef, not an epicure, not a foodie. Just one who likes to prepare food – What really happens in the kitchen and on the high street is what I write about. Follow me on Twitter @Justaukcook and on
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