Try Ashbourne First: #4 Corner House – latest electronics with knowledge, service and value

Corner House is another of Ashbourne’s iconic stores – it’s been around for years serving local customers. The technology it sells has raced ahead and the shop has kept with the times.

This series has been about encouraging local people to try Ashbourne first rather than visit the out-of-town stores. The electronics world has increasingly been one of the categories which has moved enormously into the online channel. People regularly price compare and then buy the cheapest. Margins for commodity white goods and electronics are tight and it’s difficult for high street shops to compete.

The contents of the shop have changed enormously even in the time I have been in Ashbourne. In the windows there are a wide range of digital and internet radios, vacuum cleaners and other white goods. Inside are some very smart plasma, high-definition TVs – a whole wall of them. They stock all the major brands and current models.

Round the corner in the store are stacked lots of white goods – they really do fit a lot in within the space they have.

What I really like about the shop is their knowledge and their honest approach. My first experience with the Corner House was a few years ago when I wanted a digital radio. This was in the days where most coverage charts said you couldn’t get a signal. Because they had spoken to a lot of customers they knew I may get a signal where I lived and let me borrow a set on sale or return to test it. the same was true of digital TV. You can’t beat expertise and in a hilly area like Ashbourne it really pays. One of the items which is doing really well at the moment is internet radio – especially for residents in the valley of the town. DAB is still not possible and this gives people access to lots of stations.

With digital TV, set-top boxes, home theatre and personal video recorders getting the right wires and making sure it works is not as easy as you may think – and certainly for people new to the technology. Having recently bought a system for my elderly parents some distance away I know the challenge of explaining how to do things over the phone. Corner House sell TVs which are inclusive of delivery, installation, and sometimes a 5 year warranty. When you buy online you need to consider the whole cost of purchase and what your are going to do if it goes wrong. This is the difference between price and value and Corner House is all about value.

The guys in the store love technology, can help you get the right cables and will offer you simple, honest advice.

Here is the price comparison with Comet and Amazon:

Dyson DC33i Red: Corner House £249.99, Amazon £234.99 (incl delivery)

Bosch TAT 6901 toaster: Corner House £39.99, Comet £39.99 (collect at store)

Pure Evoke 1S DAB radio: Corner House £99.99, Comet £99.99 (collect at store)

Philips GC3320 iron: Corner House £34.99, Amazon £34.60 (excl delivery)

So prices are comparable. For TVs I couldn’t do an easy comparison because of the model numbers etc but the offer of installation and delivery I think is quite a valuable one.

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