Try Ashbourne First: #3 Pet’s Pad – great value and good advice

Pet’s Pad is tucked away in the alleyway behind the Millennium Clock and first impressions are of a well-stocked inviting pet shop. As well as pet supplies they have a small number of well cared for fish, birds and mammals for purchase.

To the left as you go through the door they have a wide range of branded, packaged bird (for wild and caged birds), rabbit and guinea pig foods as well as their own bagged product. These are great value and the range is excellent. They have sunflower seeds, table feed, dried mealworms, niger seed, fatballs and peanuts so anyone feeding garden birds can get everything they need here as well as the feeders themselves. Most of the products are in different sizes so that you can get what you need.

In front of the door are the bird cages and to the right there are a wide range of collars, leads, medication, cages, treats and the like. The real difference between local shops and the bigger supermarkets is the advice. Whenever we have visited the store we have received honest opinion which has often saved us money. For someone having a pet for the very first time they could get everything they need (including the pet) but also the support and information to make it a pleasant experience. They have a very good and surprisingly wide range of co0lours and sizes so they can provide what you need whatever the size or age of your pet.

The purpose of these blogs is to show that shopping local doesn’t necessarily mean more expensive. The feedback the local traders have had is that Ashbourne people and those who live in the area tend not to shop in the town centre because they think there is insufficient choice and the prices are expensive. Although, as a market town, Ashbourne isn’t going to have everything we need there is no excuse for not keeping up with what the shops do have. If you don’t step inside the door and meet the traders you’ll never know. We should all Try Ashbourne First confident that for many things we can save money by doing so. By spending the money in the local economy we get a secondary benefit too because the town prospers and creates employment. If everyone over 18 years of age in Ashbourne spent just £10 more with local independent businesses each month there could be over £700,000 more annually in the local economy. Research then suggests that local independent traders create a further benefit of secondary spending which could be a further £300,000. The chains take the money out of the community and put far less back.

The alternative choice for some customers would be to shop at either the main supermarkets for wild bird food and Pets At Home for other pet supplies. Here are some of the price comparisons I found with Pet’s Place. Bear in mind you need to add on the cost of travel to places outside Ashbourne:

Sunflower Hearts 400g: Pet’s Place £1, £1.79 equivalent

Omega Original 1300g: Pet’s Place £1.50. £1.47 equivalent

Go-Cat Meat and Veg 800g: Pet’s Place £2, £2.43 equivalent

Niger Seed 1kg: Pet’s Place £2, £3.24 equivalent

Excel Guinea Pig Nuggets: Pet’s Place £4.99, £4.89

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