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Try Ashbourne First: #9 MSM Toiletries – well-priced everyday household items

The market is a key part of our High Street. The markets on Thursday and Saturday are a focal point which draw people into the town as well as offer value-for-money products. A regular on Ashbourne market is MSM Toiletries … Continue reading

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Why Starbucks matters to Ashbourne

Starbucks have been in the news recently for all the wrong reasons. It has been uncovered that in recent years they have not paid any Corporation Tax on their profits because… they haven’t made any. The Starbucks case is a … Continue reading

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Try Ashbourne First: #8 Vintage Bluebird – Unique gifts and crafts

This series of blogs is about getting under the skin of Ashbourne’s high street and trying to understand what our retailers offer. Vintage Bluebird is a great example of a hidden gem. Many “gift shops” and soft furnishing outlets are … Continue reading

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Why I may not vote on November 15th

I have a dilemma. On November 15th we will all have a vote for the newly created role of Derbyshire Police and Crime Commissioner. I have no idea who I should vote for. It is worse than that, I don’t … Continue reading

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When we wake on November 16th: Derbyshire’s (Ashbourne’s) new Police and Crime Commissioner

On November 15th we will be voting for the election of Derbyshire’s first Police and Crime Commissioner. This is an important decision and yet the publicity has not been widespread. It may be that the lack of publicity reflects public … Continue reading

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A life through curry… from Birmingham to The Bengal

I had my first curry in 1983. My home town in North Yorkshire only offered fish and chips or takeaway chinese so I was in my late teens when I finally succumbed. For those of you who can’t quite picture … Continue reading

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Our local “anonymous” genius

Be honest, before you read further, can you name the knight of the realm pictured on the left? The chances are you regularly admire his work and yet you could pass him in the street without knowing it. Over a … Continue reading

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