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Ruth Gray’s latest Ashbourne painting

                        Here’s Ruth’s latest in a series of paintings of the town. Have a look at my Gallery of work by Ashbourne artists and craftspeople and Ashbourne subjects to … Continue reading

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Putting Mick Creedon out of his misery on 15th November – PCC elections

On November 15th we have the chance to cast our votes for our new Derbyshire Police and Crime Commissioner. I have been undecided throughout and have tried to understand more about our candidates so that I can make an informed … Continue reading

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A public apology to Councillor Lucy Green…I want a Neighbourhood Plan

Way back in July I wrote a piece praising Jeffrey Phillips from the Ashbourne Partnership for attempting to rally support for a Neighbourhood Team He raised it on a fine night for Ashbourne democracy – 200 people attended a … Continue reading

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Try Ashbourne First: #10 Opus Gallery – Beautiful Derbyshire art

I love beautiful objects and, especially in gloomy economic times, we need something around us to lift the mood and inspire higher things. We are blessed in Ashbourne with lovely architecture, scenic countryside, talented craftspeople and great galleries. Tucked next … Continue reading

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Your Derbyshire Police and Crime Commissioner candidates and pledges

On November 15th we elect our first Police and Crime Commissioner. Previous blogs have outlined the process and the role. The runners and riders are in the Parade Ring after some last minute withdrawals. We now have four candidates to … Continue reading

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