Your Derbyshire Police and Crime Commissioner candidates and pledges

On November 15th we elect our first Police and Crime Commissioner. Previous blogs have outlined the process and the role. The runners and riders are in the Parade Ring after some last minute withdrawals. We now have four candidates to choose from (in alphabetical order):

Alan Charles (the Labour Party Candidate). Alan worked as an electrician before becoming a local politician since 1999 with Derbyshire County Council. He worked as Vice-Chair of the Police Authority that the PCC will replace. His top three manifesto pledges are:

  • Fighting the 20% cuts to Derbyshire Police Services
  • No privatisation of Derbyshire Police Services
  • Maintaining Community Policing

His website is

His Twitter account is @AC4PCC

David Gale (the UK Independence Party Candidate). David was born in Derbyshire. He served as a police officer before pursuing a career in IT. He was Principal IT Consultant for Derby City Council. He has run his own businesses since 1996. His top three manifesto pledges are:

  • More Bobbies on the beat
  • Tough on crime
  • Tough on criminals

His website is

His Twitter account is @DavidGaleUKIP

Rod Hutton (an Independent Candidate). Rod moved to Derbyshire 7 years ago. He has worked with the police force – most recently with the Specialist Crime Directorate in London. His business experience is in helping improve the fortunes of ailing businesses.

His top three manifesto pledges are:

  • Putting victims, witnesses and communities first
  • Increase visibility of Neighbourhood Policing teams
  • Reduce Anti Social Behaviour

His website is

His Twitter account is @RHrod

Simon Spencer (the Conservative Party Candidate). Simon was a firefighter for 17 years before moving into Derbyshire politics. He is a County Councillor and Deputy leader of the County Council. His also worked within the family bakery business which still bakes in Ashbourne.

  • His top three manifesto pledges are:
  • More uniformed officers on the beat
  • Zero tolerance to Anti Social Behaviour
  • Push for more investigations into Child Sexual Exploitation

His website is

His Twitter account is @simonspencerpcc

We have two weeks to find out from these candidates what their plans are for Ashbourne.

I would like to know:

1. What would they do to address the spate of burglaries in Ashbourne (and other smaller Derbyshire towns) in their role as PCC?

2. What relevance has party politics to the PCC?

3. Does more bobbies on the beat actually work?

4. What are the problems with the Derbyshire Constabulary at the moment – what are they going to fix?

5. What difference will they make to Ashbourne?

6. How will we know we made the right choice – what are their hard targets?

What do you want the candidates to answer before casting your vote on 15th November?

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