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BBC Newsreel from 1955 – an Ashbourne School

This is a fascinating clip showing the old Methodist School and a little bit of the town. What strikes me is how much quieter the town is and how immaculately clean the streets are!

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Bringing Shrovetide into the satellite age

We have a lot to thank the Americans and Sky TV for. They can take something that is dull and uninteresting and turn it into a three hour spectacle. Even the stately game of cricket has been given pizzazz with … Continue reading

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Pancakes are for sissies; try an Ashbourne Shrovetide

The event of the year is almost upon us. Ashbourne Shrovetide seems to be having something of a resurgence at the moment – maybe fuelled by more extensive media coverage, some controversies both on and off the field, and the … Continue reading

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Originally posted on James Churchill:
The dictionary is a curious thing- A book full of words and their definitions which most people use only to look up the rude ones. If you’re British you’ll likely use the OED and if…

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ARTSBEAT NEWS: Derby Theatre‚Äôs new artistic director, Sarah Brigham is now in post and one of her priorities is to get to know as many locally-based professional artists and creative people, from across the East Midlands, as possible who have…

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Thanks for the coverage! I’ll be putting up my own blog later. The town is getting excited

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These are so fragile and beautiful. Hope the non-edit things is true

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