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Try Ashbourne First: #12 Stepping Stone Shoes – a modern, friendly shoe shop

  Every visitor to Ashbourne will know Stepping Stone Shoes – a pretty little shop on the cobbles at the busy junction where traffic from the North meets traffic from the West. Behind the attractive facade is a great shop … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Peak Walking Adventures Blog:
This afternoon, I needed to find a short, easy, low-level walk with some added interest as an alternative to the Dovedale walk that I had planned for a coach party on Saturday.  From…

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John Snow’s week

                            The snow arrived in Ashbourne on the night of Thursday 22nd March and on Saturday 31st of March it remains. Its been quite an experience.

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Originally posted on Chief Executive's Blog:
Like much of the country, I’ll be glued to BBC One on Sunday night following the lives of the peope in ‘The Village’ the new epic drama series starring Maxine Peake and John…

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Originally posted on 365 Days of Bacon:
The rumors you’ve been hearing. They’re true. Salad cancels out bacon.  Let me explain. The Salad-Cancels-Out-Bacon Rule This logic is derived from a spectrum of proven theories, derived as follows, in a highly scien-matical,…

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The world’s finest sausage and the Ashbourne terroir

One of the joys of visiting France is to stumble across one of the local markets. They are a celebration not only of food but of the terroir – the environmental and physical characteristics which impart flavour. These characteristics produce … Continue reading

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The Ugly Game – falling out of love with football

I remember the first football match I attended – a game at St James Park in Newcastle on a sunny Saturday. I watched Newcastle reserves draw from behind the goal in a near empty stadium and didn’t last the whole … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Deconstruction Crafts:
When I was 14 I read an article in Seventeen Magazine that shared how some everyday household items could double as hair care products. Among them, mayonnaise. Mayonnaise (I found out) works also as a…

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In praise of call centres

I’ve got used to telling people at parties that I manage call centres and seeing their face crumple. Sometimes it is an expression of pity but often just contempt. I seldom fight my corner because life is just too short; … Continue reading

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ARTSBEAT MUSIC: World-renowned Australian “fingerstyle” acoustic guitarists Tommy Emmanuel, CGP, and Britain’s Martin Taylor, MBE, will release their highly anticipated collaboration album – The Colonel & The Governor – on Mesa/Bluemoon Recordings. The new album coincides with the UK tour of…

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