Interesting take on the crafting “industry”. So true that, ,many things which begin as wholesome and creative, can become corporate without you realising

Deconstruction Crafts

When I was 14 I read an article in Seventeen Magazine that shared how some everyday household items could double as hair care products. Among them, mayonnaise. Mayonnaise (I found out) works also as a conditioner, so I had to try it out. I don’t remember if it worked any better than the Herbal Essences I used to use then, but I was so excited about this innovation that I kept mayo in the shower for almost two weeks before my poor parents realized what was going on.

I share this gross story because the DIY innovations, and tips and tricks that I see today aren’t all that revolutionary when you’re just giving your money to Kraft (now Mondelez International as of Oct 2012) rather than Procter & Gamble. DIY for novelty’s sake doesn’t forward anything, doesn’t actually teach us anything, and perpetuates consumption for consumptions sake.

I admit that I’ve…

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