Try Ashbourne First: #12 Stepping Stone Shoes – a modern, friendly shoe shop



Every visitor to Ashbourne will know Stepping Stone Shoes – a pretty little shop on the cobbles at the busy junction where traffic from the North meets traffic from the West. Behind the attractive facade is a great shop that deserves closer attention.


Try Ashbourne First is about looking a little closer, meeting the traders that take care of our high street and understanding what the deal is for the customer.

Stepping Stone Shoes sells shoes for ladies and for children. More of the ladies shoes later, but the moment you go through the door you will see why this is a great place to buy shoes for children. As a parent myself I know the dread of shopping for anything with small children. You have the challenges of the short attention span and the impersonal nature of some big retailers. Owner Helen is a parent herself and it shows. In her own words “its all about getting the kids in…fitted…and back out again. The shop has attractive displays and little signs (done by Helen’s daughter) at eye level. I had two failed attempts to do this blog because Helen and her team are very busy and take the time to look after each customer.

20130330_091529The range of shoes is great. Stepping Stone Shoes prides itself on being able to cater for every pocket with quality shoes – very important as children seem to need a new pair every few months as they grow up. As an independent retailer they are not tied to one brand. Although the shop stocks Hush Puppies as a mainstay, they also stock Lelli Kelly, Muddy Puddles and Primigi. The shop is well laid out with plenty of room for toddlers to explore and parents can be assured of expert service.

Stepping Stone Shoes also offer ladies shoes up to size 8. Brands include Birkenstock, Primigi, Geox, Chipmunks Hush Puppies and Pineapple – so while the kids are being treated to a new pair you can treat yourself at the same time.

20130330_091434Finally, Stepping Stone Shoes is a great example of a modern independent retailer. Helen is always looking for new ideas and the development of shoes for ladies is a good example of this. She also has an excellent eCommerce website – to complement the shop.

Ordinarily at this point I would compare prices with online retailers but, in the case of shoes, especially children’s shoes, I don’t think that is a reasonable comparison. I remember being bought a pair of football boots which were at least one size too small when I was younger and being in agony. Instead I would draw attention to the offers Stepping Stone has on-line with up to 50% of a wide range of shoes.

Stepping Stone Shoes is a lovely shop and a great addition to our high street. Go through the door and you will see the difference.


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  1. Thanks for this, I really appreciate what you have done here. Keep it up, and I will be back for more.

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