The move to Buxton.

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Back in 27 March me and my girlfriend made the move from dull and dreary Croydon in South London, to the would be Green and Beautiful Buxton. I say would be as the winter weather carried on until well into what would usually be spring, when we arrived we were greeted by five feet of snow around our front door and snow drifts which easily engulfed my girlfriends 206cc.

Snowed In

The winter weather carried on for a few more weeks, which meant I was less than inspired to leave the cottage to explore the surrounding area because of the sleet, rain and occasional snow storm. Eventually the weather improved so I threw on my Hiking boots and had a bit of an explore. Buxton is an amazing place to live, a far cry from the multi-story buildings and hustle and bustle of Croydon. And where as the prominent colour in Croydon…

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