A day in the life of a camping toddler…

To see our world through other’s eyes

Tiptoe Bay


I was so excited to wake up this morning in my ‘Night Garden’ bed inside our new blue tent! I yelled for Mummy and Daddy because I knew they’d be just as excited. Mummy was in a big bed right next to me. She wasn’t smiling like I was so Daddy got up instead and we had Weetabix for breakfast. Daddy likes Weetabix. It’s his favourite. He thinks it’s my favourite too, but Cheerios are my real favourite breakfast.

It was still a little bit dark outside but I didn’t mind. I really wanted to go to the park and play on the slide but Daddy said it was too wet because it had been raining, so instead we went running round the campsite looking at all the tents and collecting lots of different leaves that the wind had blown off the trees. Nobody else was out like me and…

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