John Connolly at St John Gallery

403252_waves-crashingEXHIBITION REVIEW: The dramatic landscape paintings of Bolsover artist John Connolly are exhilerating.

Anyone who has enjoyed the vast sweeping horizons of the shoreline, the mystery of a wood or the romance of the moors will be transported back the second they look deep into his work.

You can almost hear the waves and the seabirds, smell the heather and bluebells and may even think that you may have just glimpsed a kingfisher.

You definitely experience a sense of remoteness and place as you study his work which is currently being exhibited at St John Gallery in Ashbourne.

John works mainly with acrylics but sometimes mixes media to get his desired effect and he also incorporates found objects such as twigs, leaves, ferns and sand, into the paintings to create marks and interesting textures.

His painting entitled Waves Crash is sprinkled with tiny stones and there is a sparkle to…

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