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What does Richard Arkwright have to say about turbines? Yesterday one of the much vaunted wind turbines stopped traffic as it passed through the town centre. It gave all of us a close up view of the technology. It brought home to me yet another planning issue which … Continue reading

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Ashbourne in November

All of a sudden the clocks change and we enter a different world. The nights begin in the late afternoon and the weather can be changeable. We can have heavy fog, strong winds that deposit leaves all over the place … Continue reading

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Try Ashbourne First – 15: The Dining Room – Try for yourself

So far this series of blogs has covered the retail high street in Ashbourne but I realised that the scope applies just as equally elsewhere – where we spend our leisure pound is just as important. I’ve wanted to visit … Continue reading

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‘Thatched Cottages’ Osmaston Derbyshire

Originally posted on Shapiro Fine Art:
‘Thatched Cottages’ Osmaston Derbyshire Oil on canvas 12 x 16 ins These thatched cottages are situated in Osmaston , a small Derbyshire country estate village. This pretty village is the archtypical English village –…

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Our Market that I’m so proud to be a part of!

Originally posted on Bipolar happy !:
Ok followers I’ve had many of you back my plans for a market stall so I thought I would share the rest of what the market has to offer and the wonderful people I work…

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The perfect market town (a vision)

Close your eyes and imagine the perfect place to live… Its Summer, of course its summer. You’ve got a great house – wisteria round the doorway – and a garden full of flowers with your family happily playing. Just down … Continue reading

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Hacking away over many years

I’ll be honest: I don’t think phone hacking is such a big deal. I also didn’t really know that it was illegal. I also fully expected that hacking and worse was part of the investigative journalist’s armoury. I also think … Continue reading

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