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The Countdown is almost over..

Originally posted on nthardwick:
The winter clean is finished. The dust covers are officially off and it’s only two days until we’re open for the season. The team has been working incredibly hard to ensure the House is looking its…

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Chinese Lanterns

Originally posted on Don Charisma:
Before I started taking photos and publishing them, I was fairly unobservant. Looking for “the photo” has made me a lot more observant, and also a lot more ready. Practice with the camera (or in…

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Balancing the Ashbourne Market books

The Ashbourne News Telegraph commented this week about the state of the Ashbourne Market and asked what was needed to put life back into it. It compared it to the Bakewell market. Bakewell has some enormous advantages – there aren’t … Continue reading

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Patience was a virtue

We’ve lost the virtue of patience. In our focus on just getting on with our lives we have forgotten how to wait. Here’s a test. How long could you sit just watching the world going by – no book, phone, … Continue reading

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A Week of Culture – Part One – Hardwick Hall

Originally posted on greenbenchramblings:
We spent a few cold January days up in Derbyshire and Yorkshire for a culture fix. It was extremely cold and occasional rain and hail storms lashed us but we did not give in. We bravely…

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Hassop Hall

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Back On The Marathon Trail – Week One

Who would have thought a walk through Dovedale last week would have lead me to deciding on entering a marathon this year ? River Dove last week Last…

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Grants available to make the Peak District more cycle friendly

Originally posted on Visit Peak District & Derbyshire:
A new grant scheme has been launched to help make the Peak District National Park and surrounding area more welcoming for cyclists. The Peak District National Park Authority is running the scheme to…

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Young Ashbourne…seen but not heard

Currently, the direction of Ashbourne for the next generation is being decided by people who are least affected by it. Worse still, it is in danger of being steered by people worried about house prices and personal business interests. That … Continue reading

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Can Someone Tell My Daughter Who God Is Please.

Originally posted on W.T.F. :
“Momma, who is God?”.   My daughter asked me that question last summer. I am still trying to figure out how to answer her. I didn’t grow up going to church. I say that with no…

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