Trip to Derbyshire Part 1: Derbyshire oatcakes

Welcome to the Peak District terroir!. Only one question – did you try the superior Staffordshire oatcake on the way back?

Zest and Herbs

For those of you that follow me on Twitter, you’ll have probably guessed that I wasn’t in Devon last week: I was taking a little holiday to stay with my parents in Buxton, Derbyshire. In the heart of the Peak District, the scenery is amazing and surprisingly, the whole area seems to me to be a bit of an undiscovered foodie hotspot. So in the first of four instalments on the area, allow me to introduce you to a local specialty, the Derbyshire oatcake.

Oats are typically more associated with Scottish cuisine than English, as was famously remarked by dictionary writer, Dr Johnson, but the harsher landscape of the Peaks and Pennines made them once a staple there too as wheat was harder to grow. Once common from the Potteries to Teeside, pancakes made from oatmeal, wheat flour and yeast are now only a common sight in North Staffordshire…

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