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12 months of the Volvo V40 D2

I’m now just over 12 months in my Volvo V40 D2. I’m past the honeymoon period and starting to do some serious mileage. My 12 month warranty has expired and I’m starting to see some bills. What’s the verdict now?

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The Value of local food

Sometimes it is worth paying a little extra for things. If price was the only consideration we would all drive the same type of car and wear clothes from the same shops. There is no real difference between electricity or … Continue reading

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Day 219: Best Bib and Tucker

Originally posted on travels in my own country:
A Journey Around the British Isles … Part 107 If set the task of choosing which of Dovedale or the Manifold Valley I like the best I would have to go for…

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The Trees, My neighbours

Originally posted on Moorland Observations:
Although I don’t have my own tree, I can see a line of five beauties between the road and the field beside my house. They are quite old, sycamores planted and spaced carefully many years…

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Totally…Locally…Successfully? Lessons from Leek

Ashbourne’s High Street succeeds against the odds. With high parking charges, poor signage, and no coordination it’s a tough life for a retailer in our town. But we do have some excellent independent retailers who have learnt to look after … Continue reading

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The Sounds of Ashbourne

Close your eyes and think about where you live. What do you hear? The better you know a place, the more familiar the distinct sounds become. As I was writing this blog I realised that most of this can go … Continue reading

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Why don’t we love our markets any more?

I grew up in a market town not unlike Ashbourne. It had cobbled streets and the market stalls ran up either side of the main road every Thursday and Saturday. At the top was a market square which, oddly, never … Continue reading

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April 24th – Fashion Revolution Day

On April 24th, around the world, people will be looking closely at their clothing thanks to our very own Carry Somers, owner of Pachacuti. This is something which is accessible to all of us. It’s not often that we look … Continue reading

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Never again

Originally posted on Pounding Pavements:
What’s the point of doing something if you don’t do it well? I’ve been brought up with that sentiment at the forefront of what I do and will probably do my best to pass it…

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A bit Sheepish

Originally posted on Lucy Foster:
My Grandma bought me this little guy from Ashbourne Market. Not quite sure on a name for him yet, but he’s adorable. He’s got a piece of string attached to him, so I can hang…

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