Land of my fathers

Bright Blue Bean

I moved from the Derbyshire village of my childhood almost thirty years ago and have lived in a variety of places since that time.

I slowed my tongue a little to assist with comprehension in London, after a conversation with an employer who passed on comments received from mystified customers.

Some of my expressions were amended for the benefit of those who had no idea what I meant when I commented on the weather by exclaiming ‘it’s gerrin a bit black ower Bill’s Motha’s’ and didn’t know where to go when directed ‘dahn t’jitty’.

It was also sometimes necessary to give thorough explanations so that American friends didn’t completely misunderstand. I remember one evening my American housemates visited the local chip shop and returned home highly amused that ‘faggot and chips’ was listed on the menu.

I mistakenly believed that my native speech had been diluted to such a degree that people could generally understand what I said and that my place…

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4 Responses to Land of my fathers

  1. simon682 says:

    As a native of North Lancashire I’m still in some awe when I hear a true Derbyshire native hold forth. Beautiful dialect. I’ve only been here for 22 years and cannot come close to impersonating it.

  2. Wow I am stunned and very excited that you have seen fit to reblog my post! Thank you 🙂

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