For the first time in my life I am thinking of not voting. The European election is here but the more I look at it the more I think the vote is irrelevant. This is from a man who voted in all previous European elections and even the Police Commissioner election.

To begin with, I have no idea who our MEP is and I have no interest in finding out. If they haven’t done anything which has caused me to explore they are probably irrelevant to me. I suppose there are thousands of council and central Government officials who collect my taxes, process policy which affects my employment and determine the price of my petrol but I don’t need to vet them.

The quality of literature we have had through the door is appalling. I don’t think there has ever been an election where so many ridiculous claims have been made – from the downright nasty of UKIP and the BNP – to the world-weary mumblings of the Conservatives. It’s time that people were realistic about immigration – anyone who works just has to look around them to know what a vital role immigrants play. They are not stealing jobs but rather taking up the unfilled vacancies left by our benefits culture and education failings. That’s why the claimed regulation from virtually all parties is populist Daily Mail nonsense which just won’t work. Immigrants aren’t coming here just to claim the benefits – we have plenty of British people who are way better at doing so. We should be embarrassed about immigration rather than angry.

Bizarrely I find myself closest aligned with the Liberal Democrats. I think we have too much change in politics – change for change’s sake in many cases. All the point-making costs money and wastes resources. I am a European and I feel as a world we should be more closely integrated not increasingly separate. I really think that in centuries to come people will look back and wonder why on earth there was such a big fuss about borders. There is an inexorable move to aggregate nations – despite Cornwall’s most recent minority recognition no-one is wanting the return of Wessex and Mercia. Some Scots may be wanting separation from the United Kingdom but they still see the benefits of European integration. The European Union is just a clunky way of making Europe work financially – its not perfect but it’s the best we’ve got currently. Importantly it encourages cooperation with our European neighbours and that’s the most important thing in my book.

I may vote to maintain my 100% record but not with any confidence that any party reflects my views. Happy in the knowledge though, that it won’t make the slightest difference!

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