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Ashbourne’s Natural Theatre

Ashbourne’s Arts Festival is upon us and all is well with the world. In an age when it seems that we know the price of everything and the value of nothing it’s nice to be able to step out of … Continue reading

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Engaging Generation Y

There’s a rather large elephant in the Ashbourne room. Amid all the talk of ensuring a bright future for generations by guaranteeing affordable housing is an embarrassing fact. We don’t really know what the next generation want. Unsurprising when you … Continue reading

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Strolling in Derbyshire

Originally posted on Red Rambler:
Rolling countryside. After first reading Pride and Prejudice many years ago, I wanted nothing more than to make a visit to Derbyshire. I desperately wanted to be Lizzie, bonnet firmly in place, wandering around the…

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Jilly: Finding Inspiration in Eyam

Originally posted on Eight Ladies Writing:
Derbyshire Well Dressing(copyright Dennis Thorley via Wikimedia Commons) I didn’t write a word this week, but I did top up my creative well with a powerful mixture of present beauty and past heroism. I…

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England’s real World Cup failures

There is an English team that has really under-performed at the World Cup. In advance of the tournament they showed promise – it looked like there was a change underway. They showed signs of maturity and occasional flashes of brilliance … Continue reading

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Belief, Proof and the Ashbourne Vultures

Recently I went away to Norfolk and…watched birds. I have Tried Ashbourne First for my birding and spent plenty of happy hours at Carsington too. Please carry on reading because this isn’t a column about birds per se – it’s … Continue reading

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Stop obsessing about what a “blog” is: In 2014, it’s all just writing

Love this writing. With most social activity, it’s only by “doing” that you actually get it

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Ashbourne Festival Summer Art Exhibition 2014

Ashbourne Arts Festival is underway again amidst glorious sunny weather and a buzzing Georgian backdrop. The Art Exhibition also opened up in the town hall on Saturday. If the idea of “local art exhibition” conjures images of the output from … Continue reading

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Stones vs The Snapp – live music in Ashbourne

Ashbourne Festival kicked off last night with Not The Rolling Stones at the Empire Ballroom. There was also a free gig at the Bridge which meant it was a pretty good music night for Ashbourne. There was a good crowd … Continue reading

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Inanimate friends

There can be something very special in the tiniest of things. Sometimes the merest reference to something from our past can cause an explosion of memory, colour, texture and aroma. It seems to touch a nerve and unleash a wave … Continue reading

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