Wings of love

Beautiful birds and beautifully written. Thank you

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

hill of vision 013The red kites had been teasing again, circling overhead till I got the battery out of the charger and into the camera… or waiting till I was in the car… and disappearing in their typical fashion as soon as the camera was pointed skywards. They were with us all afternoon, yet I managed three blurry pics and a handful of distant dots in the sky as usual.

I love those birds and cherish an ambition to get a really good photograph one of these days… I can get a clear picture head down or in odd positions where it is difficult to see their majesty, or a blurred one eye to eye. They look down and seem to smile at my naivety.

It reminds me of the incident with the feathers. When we first began following the great birds all over Buckinghamshire it seemed that everywhere we went there were…

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  1. Sue Vincent says:

    Thank you for sharing this, Paul.

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