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Ashbourne: Blackpool of the Peaks

We’ve had the last Bank Holiday before Christmas and we’ve dried out and warmed up again. Within the next couple of weeks school terms start and the next raft of undergraduates are off to University. It can seem like the … Continue reading

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We all have a part to play in school success

This is a tense time for students everywhere. As the examination results come out there are tears and hopefully smiling faces too. It isn’t just the students – the parents and the teachers share the agonising wait and provide the … Continue reading

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My luggage-free paradise. The holiday starts here

I love an airport. More specifically my holiday begins at the moment the baggage has been left at the checkin desk. From the on you enter a strange world built on glitter, efficiency and no little bureaucracy but it is … Continue reading

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Whatever happened to patience?

The newspapers are quite adamant. Manchester United can’t afford to lose another game. Arsenal have a different lineup but are exactly the same as last year. Swansea are looking like contenders and Crystal Palace have to get a new manager or … Continue reading

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Enjoying Art

I went to the Ashbourne Arts Festival Summer Exhibition and thoroughly enjoyed it. Since my mid-teens I’ve loved going to art galleries. I enjoyed art at school and I can draw in a draughtsman-like way and paint to a to … Continue reading

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St Bertram’s Well, Ilam, Staffordshire

Originally posted on The Northern Antiquarian:
St Bertram’s Well north of Ilam © Copyright Neil Theasby and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence Holy well SK 137 514 Directions: The genuine St. Bertram’s well is not easy to…

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My Top Ten (fourteen) cover versions

There are many great tribute bands out there whose objective is to mimic their idols. I think over the years I’ve enjoyed at least 3 Queen tribute bands. The best of them was the least soundalike of them – on … Continue reading

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Snatch a Glimpse or Stop and Look

Originally posted on Bike Derbyshire:
Starting a Blog means that I have had to think about my riding a bit more. Where I am going and what I see. Today I have done a leisurely twenty-five miles around the lanes, taking…

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I had no expectation of Dubrovnik. I find it astonishing that I am visiting an ex-Communist country on holiday and that they were fighting around 20 years ago – this very City was being shelled. Above that… nothing. No whys, … Continue reading

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Great Mistakes in English Medieval Architecture

Originally posted on Stained Glass Attitudes:
One of the great things about medieval art and architecture is that people just went in and did things. They didn’t build models and scale them up, building great cathedrals and abbeys was a…

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