Lovely words and pictures Sue. You’ve captured it well.

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asbourne 4Pre-Raphaelite glass sits in walls pitted by Cromwellian gunfire, while a 1950s reredos graces a chancel that dates back to 1241. That’s why I love these old churches… the history of a community is written within their walls in wood and stone, glass and paint. In many ways they are living art galleries, recording the lives of the ordinary folk and their masters, both clerical and secular, throughout the ages. Faith is written here, of course, but the images are made from life and echo their own time. The tombs of the great are intricately carved fashion statements that retain the details of another era… almost another world… which is yet part of the foundation of our own… like the necklace of pilgrims shells around a lady’s neck.

ashbourne 2I have been trying to get to Ashbourne church for a while. Even from a distance you can see there are stained…

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