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Our retreat in Derbyshire – Curlew Croft, Anroach Farm

Thanks for the blog and I hope you don’t mind me retesting. I like to share how others experience the Derbyshire countryside

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Feeding the local economy one meal at a time

I am a big advocate of Try Ashbourne First. Before you buy anything online at least think about whether you could buy it in one of our independent retailers. I firmly believe that you will be surprised at just what … Continue reading

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Mystic Miller tells your fortune

Ashbourne Town Council accepted a request by a local paranormal investigation group to take a look at the Town Hall. The coverage in the Ashbourne News Telegraph revealed a night when absolutely nothing physically unusual happened but the ‘professionals’ using their … Continue reading

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An alliance of two great historic houses: Haddon and Hardwick unite to celebrate the anniversary of Smythson

Originally posted on Visit Peak District & Derbyshire:
To mark 400 years this October since the death of the architect Robert Smythson – whose work was behind the design of many of the country’s important Elizabethan houses – two of…

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Happy Derbyshire Day!

Originally posted on Lucy On The Road:
To kick off my new blog I thought I’d start right on my doorstep with the celebrations of Derbyshire Day. Derbyshire has a Day?, I hear you ask. Oh yes. And it was today.…

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Beyond Limits: Sculptures at Chatsworth

Every year Chatsworth hosts a sculpture exhibition. It is part of a clever marketing strategy to make a tourist destination right the way through to Christmas. After the summer holidays there is the sculptures, then Lumiere evenings where the house … Continue reading

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September 18, 1914

Originally posted on Great War Reports:
It has been a long tradition of the British Press to only publish attributed views. Letters from readers would invariably carry the author’s name and address. The advent of email and social media has…

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