August 28,1914

Tough time for the Stunner during WWI. Thankfully still flourishing

Great War Reports

The Ashbourne Telegraph made a staunch defence to an accusation of profiteering which must have come to the paper’s owner’s ears following the decision to cut pagination from 8 to 6 pages each week, while retaining the 1d cover price.

“Apropos of the remark one often hears at the present time that newspaper proprietors must be making their fortunes,” he writes and reproduces a news item from a print trade journal, the Sales and Wants Advertiser, which states: “It is safe to say that no newspaper in the country is now being produced at a profit…. There is no profit in a war for newspapers.”

Clearly stung by the criticism the Telegraph makes its point at length: “As we have previously stated we have been reluctantly compelled to reduce the size of the Telegraph and temporarily suspend several of our usual features.”

The column explains that 90% of wood pulp…

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