Peak District Cycle and Ale Celebration

Glad you enjoyed your visit and thanks for sharing. Have a safe journey home

The Further Adventures of a Beardy Runner

So I have been over in the UK for about a month and will be heading back to Oz next week. Whilst I am over, working, I have also been taking the opportunity to get in some exercise. A friend of mine, Ann, lives in a little village about 25 miles North East of Birmingham. Ann is also a big cyclist – readers of the Muddy Masochist may remember that I took part in an epic 70 mile cycle in Oxfordshire a couple of years ago – well, that was an Ann thing.


I was up at hers for a couple of days of cycling and Ale drinking. As I had not been on a bike for a while, I borrowed her new bike and we went for a short cycle on the Wednesday, what was hilarious was that I had to borrow her hybrid bike, a Ridgeback and…

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