September 18, 1914

Thanks for this…and good to see the column in The Stunner. Fascinating

Great War Reports

It has been a long tradition of the British Press to only publish attributed views. Letters from readers would invariably carry the author’s name and address. The advent of email and social media has brought with it anonymous viewpoints, but in 1914 a letter such as published in the columns of the Ashbourne Telegraph would have been a rare occurrence indeed.

“Sir, May I appeal through your valuable paper to the rich and those in authority not to coerce those under them into joining the ranks of our army. I hear too much of “making” young men go and threatening them that unless they go they must leave their situations; also in consequence of this it is not uncommon to hear in our villages ’that they would be quite as swell off under the Germans, as under this state of things’.

If conscription is found necessary and becomes law, let…

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