Dry Stone Walling

I love dry stone walls – stone in general. Thanks for sharing the day and hope you enjoy doing it in future

Middle-aged Travellers

Keith learns a new thing.


There is a plot of land in the south of France we own, along with a pile of rocks arranged into the rough form of a house. The land is terraced up a hill running behind the house. There are about 20 terraced levels, each retained by a beautiful, laboriously crafted dry stone wall. The effort involved in building all of these walls must have been far more enormous than the house. At a guess it equates to over 400 metres of wall.

The local wildlife in this part of France include the nocturnal, free-range boar. These 150 kg roaming, eating machines have no aesthetic or functional appreciation for the walls. Just intrigue as to what goodies are hidden within. Whether it be the elusive truffle or not, the boar will tear into the wall with what appears the following morning to have been wild…

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