Clare Caulfield

Clare Caulfield has painted the landscape of some of the world’s greatest cities. On her website you can see New York, Paris and Rome amongst many others. Underpinning all of her work is a fascination with drawing and architecture. Her distinctive style and palette is instantly recognisable.

Alongside the great city landscapes, Clare has also done two rather more intimate studies of Ashbourne. The first is a view along St John’s Street with the steeple of St Oswald’s just visible in the distance. This shows off Clare’s work well – in particular her love of drawing in an illustrative style.

St John's St Ashbourne

St John’s St Ashbourne

Her second is a view of Victoria Square.

Victoria Square Ashbourne

Victoria Square Ashbourne

Clare produces her own handmade original prints and teaches at West Yorkshire Print Workshop. She often adds elements of hand-painting which makes each print a unique work of art.

Opus Gallery has an exhibition of Clare’s work coming up in July 2014 but you can see her work before then at her Etsy shop


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