Ashbourne 101

A page for visitors and possibly newcomers wanting answers to the unGoogleable

Where can I walk my dog in and around Ashbourne?

The Rec is a good place to walk the dog. It’s got a large area covering sports pitches and as long as you clean up the mess you’ll be fine. As an alternative you can walk along the Tissington Trail through the old railway tunnel. The only problem with this is that you come back the way you went. There is also the Bonnie Prince Charlie walk which goes out from the Hilltop area over the fields and the Osmaston Estate.

Is Ashbourne open on Sundays?

During the Summer the answer is definitely yes. More and more shops are open but with the exception of Bennett’s and Young Ideas, many of the other shops are open. As the year progresses a lot depends on the weather. Of the cafes, Bramhalls Deli and Courtyard Cafe are the highlight. We have a Waitrose, Coop, Marks and Spencer and, from 2015, an Aldi. The architecture, the Rec are year-round seven-day treats.

When is market day?

The main market is on Saturdays and there are good clothing, fruit and veg, household products, sweet and biscuits, underwear and stationery stalls. There is also a smaller market on Thursdays. There have recently been a series of craft and artisan markets held in the Town Hall on Saturdays (and on Sunday in the Summer)

What is the best place to eat in Ashbourne?

It depends what you like! Since the, hopefully, temporary closure of the Dining Room we don’t have any fine dining. We have two Indian restaurants – the Bengal is the local’s late night choice while Red Chilli is a slightly more sophisticated and expensive option. The Dragon’s Nest Chinese has been around for years.

2 Responses to Ashbourne 101

  1. Wayne says:

    The Lamplight in Victoria Square is a very good restaurant serving good British food; I’ve been there several times and never been disappointed. It’s a bit of an omission to leave out this, the Thai Basement, and lots of good cafes that do nice food.

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