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My Top Ten (fourteen) cover versions

There are many great tribute bands out there whose objective is to mimic their idols. I think over the years I’ve enjoyed at least 3 Queen tribute bands. The best of them was the least soundalike of them – on … Continue reading

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I should be singing Thunder Road with Bruce

Right now I’m a little obsessed with Thunder Road by Bruce Springsteen. I suppose its stereotypical for a 50 year old to be repeatedly listening to music from the 1970s but maybe I should explain a little more. I’ve seen … Continue reading

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Enriching communities and making them happy – Ashbourne Arts

The Government’s latest spending round has seen the Department of Culture “get off lightly” with only an 8% cut in budget. Local Government has had a further 10% cut for next year. Some would argue that Arts should be one … Continue reading

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Bakewell Acoustic Music Festival

One of my favourite shops in Bakewell is the Bakewell Bookshop. As well as having some good reads it has an excellent choice of CDs. There’s not Virgin Megastore amounts of them but there is a good range, chosen with … Continue reading

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When music is more

As I was driving home one day I heard the opening lines of At Last sung by Etta James and the hairs stood up on the back of my neck. Sure, she had a divine voice and its a great … Continue reading

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10 things I like about Ashbourne: #2 The Arts

One of the most important indicators of a civilised society is the creation and appreciation of beauty expressed through the Arts. We are lucky in Ashbourne to live in a beautiful town – the buildings themselves, Georgian and Victorian, create … Continue reading

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My Desert Island Discs

So imagine Kirsty Young approaches me with my new-found fame and invites me on the show. What would I choose and why would I choose them? Records 1. Hello – Lionel Richie. OK its just our song – rubbish and … Continue reading

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