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Why I want 1370 new households in Ashbourne

One of the great things about blogging is that you can experiment. It’s a safe place to play. An example is to write a piece from an other person’s point of view or to play Devil’s Advocate After the meeting … Continue reading

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How Ashbourne can get Mary’s money! Help!

The Portas Review was commissioned in 2012 and reported back in December. The mission was to review the state of Britain’s high streets and propose a plan of action. What Mary found was the same problems were seen everywhere and … Continue reading

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Ashbourne Market..the state of play

Thanks for all the support the campaign has received so far. We have 196 signatories to the Petition on the Derbyshire Dales website http://bit.ly/yYZ4nY . Not only is this a sizeable number with 7 days to go but the names are from … Continue reading

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A Portas Pilot for Ashbourne?

12 towns around the country are going to share £1m of Government funding to implement some of Mary Portas’s findings in a way which could be replicated across the country. Submissions need to be in by 31st March. Scour the … Continue reading

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Ashbourne market developments… A need for leadership

So the meeting to review the markets has been put back to a special meeting in Matlock on 22nd March which is excellent news. It still leaves a challenge for the groundswell of opinion against closure to coalesce and find … Continue reading

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A market solution for Ashbourne

It’s easy to stand on the sideline criticising so here is a constructive suggestion on a way forward (with acknowledgement to the traders for some of the ideas). It assumes that no-one inherently wants rid of the market but that … Continue reading

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