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Buy Local and save

At the DDDC Meeting at the start of the year the decision was made to give Ashbourne’s Thursday market a further 12 months to prove its viability. At the meeting the committee noted the strength of feeling about the issue … Continue reading

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Ashbourne’s representatives – thank you

Imagine a cold, wintry night in Matlock. You’ve just done a hard day’s work and instead of going home to spend some quality time with your wife in front of the TV you head into a meeting with a group … Continue reading

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Why I want 1370 new households in Ashbourne

One of the great things about blogging is that you can experiment. It’s a safe place to play. An example is to write a piece from an other person’s point of view or to play Devil’s Advocate After the meeting … Continue reading

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Ashbourne shows its true colours on the Housing Consultation

Town Hall democracy was well displayed in Ashbourne last night. The consultation on Housing by Derbyshire Dales District Council rumbles on with a closing date of 30th August. The Council has done a round of towns and villages, presenting the … Continue reading

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