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Balancing the Ashbourne Market books

The Ashbourne News Telegraph commented this week about the state of the Ashbourne Market and asked what was needed to put life back into it. It compared it to the Bakewell market. Bakewell has some enormous advantages – there aren’t … Continue reading

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The perfect market town (a vision)

Close your eyes and imagine the perfect place to live… Its Summer, of course its summer. You’ve got a great house – wisteria round the doorway – and a garden full of flowers with your family happily playing. Just down … Continue reading

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Planning or Spinning our way to 376 new houses in Ashbourne?

There was a meeting of the Local Plan Advisory committee held in the QEGS School Hall this week to review the recommendations of the Planning Officers and the results of consultation. The turnout was enormous and in keeping with all … Continue reading

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Signs of the times… through the Gateway to Carsington and Dovedale

The Ashbourne News Telegraph (19th September 2012) provides coverage of the findings from the Ashbourne Traders Group’s survey of retailers and businesses. The traders have been meeting for some time to try to revive Ashbourne’s High Street. They should be … Continue reading

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Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose…in Ashbourne

In 2007, DDDC commissioned Ashbourne Economic Assessment; a report by consultants into the wellbeing of Ashbourne and an action plan for the future. It is interesting to read it now and realise how some of the elements are still relevant … Continue reading

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An explanation of the Housing Consultation issues for Ashbourne

The Derbyshire Dales consultation on where to locate 400 new houses in Ashbourne started last week. There are two issues which are under discussion: 1. Ashbourne’s Draft Settlement Framework Boundaries 2. Where 400 new houses can be built by 2028 … Continue reading

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Why I want 1370 new households in Ashbourne

One of the great things about blogging is that you can experiment. It’s a safe place to play. An example is to write a piece from an other person’s point of view or to play Devil’s Advocate After the meeting … Continue reading

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Where we live – Option B if we really must

With 400 new houses to be built, my thoughts turn to where in Ashbourne I would like them to be. I find the thought of the need for 400 new houses difficult in the first place. Why do we need … Continue reading

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Time to move on

Since the end of January my blog has been market-related rather than me-related and I’ve found it difficult to get my mojo back and to find the way to transition elegantly. My conclusion is that I should conclude first! The … Continue reading

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Ashbourne Market..the state of play

Thanks for all the support the campaign has received so far. We have 196 signatories to the Petition on the Derbyshire Dales website http://bit.ly/yYZ4nY . Not only is this a sizeable number with 7 days to go but the names are from … Continue reading

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