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The perfect market town? (revisited)

  Some time ago I wrote a blog about the kind of place I wanted to live – the Ashbourne of my imagination. I didn’t go for some chocolate-box idyll but rather sketched a vibrant, happy town. As a counterbalance … Continue reading

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Let’s not lose the Art of appreciation

There was coverage recently of a letter signed by a group of authors and actors protesting a makeover of GCSE school curriculum. This is not really news but the consequence being protested was that English Literature may no longer be … Continue reading

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Lets overhaul the examination system

We’ve just had the latest round of GCSE, AS and A2 results and for once the results have fallen. Whether by the direct influence of Mr Gove, examination boards taking a big hint or even statistical anomaly, there was a … Continue reading

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Golden School Days – the young people today don’t know what they are missing

After the highs, lows and furore of examination results for GCSE, A and AS students I couldn’t help looking back on my own school years. In many ways they were similar – brought up in a market town of roughly … Continue reading

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