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April 24th – Fashion Revolution Day

On April 24th, around the world, people will be looking closely at their clothing thanks to our very own Carry Somers, owner of Pachacuti. This is something which is accessible to all of us. It’s not often that we look … Continue reading

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What’s the deal with Fairtrade Towns?

The welcome signs to Ashbourne proclaim that it is a FairTrade town. It is something I’ve never even thought about before and subconsciously I’ve responded in my head with “Who isn’t” or “So what”. In fact, the Fair Trade designation … Continue reading

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Try Ashbourne First: #8 Vintage Bluebird – Unique gifts and crafts

This series of blogs is about getting under the skin of Ashbourne’s high street and trying to understand what our retailers offer. Vintage Bluebird is a great example of a hidden gem. Many “gift shops” and soft furnishing outlets are … Continue reading

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Try Ashbourne First: #5 Natural Choice – the natural choice for ingredients and great service

This occasional series is casting a critical eye at some of Ashbourne’s retailers and seeing what lies behind their shop windows. A common criticism of Ashbourne’s High Street is lack of choice and high prices. I really think we should … Continue reading

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10 things I like about Ashbourne: #4 Shopping: Try Ashbourne First

It may come as a surprise to some people but we do have a pretty good shopping range in the Town. There may be some concerns about the increasing number of charity shops  occupying otherwise vacant properties as a sign … Continue reading

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A market solution for Ashbourne

It’s easy to stand on the sideline criticising so here is a constructive suggestion on a way forward (with acknowledgement to the traders for some of the ideas). It assumes that no-one inherently wants rid of the market but that … Continue reading

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