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When we practice to deceive

In my opinion, our daily High Street is the most important part of Ashbourne’s heritage. In a hundred year’s time our Georgian frontages could be destroyed by planners but could still be restored to former glory through investment and sensitive … Continue reading

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The perfect market town (a vision)

Close your eyes and imagine the perfect place to live… Its Summer, of course its summer. You’ve got a great house – wisteria round the doorway – and a garden full of flowers with your family happily playing. Just down … Continue reading

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Ashbourne in July – an insider’s guide

July is a great example of this. The town itself never looks better. Think of July and you think of summer sunshine. The cobbled market square, little yards and the miles of bunting create an excellent theatre. Visitors can just … Continue reading

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Ashbourne’s Car Park Solution

Derbyshire Dales District Council is currently running a consultation around parking in the district http://www.derbyshiredales.gov.uk/your-council/consultations/current-consultations/car-parking-review. Although this can seem like a dry topic it does affect us all. Our tourism economy and high street rely on car parking to support it, … Continue reading

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Ashbourne market developments… A need for leadership

So the meeting to review the markets has been put back to a special meeting in Matlock on 22nd March which is excellent news. It still leaves a challenge for the groundswell of opinion against closure to coalesce and find … Continue reading

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A market solution for Ashbourne

It’s easy to stand on the sideline criticising so here is a constructive suggestion on a way forward (with acknowledgement to the traders for some of the ideas). It assumes that no-one inherently wants rid of the market but that … Continue reading

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