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Test-driving Speedy Shop

Just last week, Peter Fox launched his Speedy Shop and his website at http://www.villagevending.co.uk. The story was picked up very quickly by all the national press – BBC, Sky News, Daily Mail, Daily Telegraph as well as our own Ashbourne … Continue reading

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Ugly…when money tries to derail local democracy

In January I posted a blog entitled “423 Homes…and now it gets Ugly”. Last week in the Ashbourne News Telegraph we had a letter from a Planning Consultant and an advertisement on behalf of his client which showed just how … Continue reading

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Ashbourne’s fledgling Neighbourhood Plan works

In January I wrote a post about the fragile nature of the planning situation in Ashbourne. The fantastic response from the town on the Local Plan consultation from Derbyshire Dales District Council had resulted in a clear mandate from Ashbourne … Continue reading

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Planning or Spinning our way to 376 new houses in Ashbourne?

There was a meeting of the Local Plan Advisory committee held in the QEGS School Hall this week to review the recommendations of the Planning Officers and the results of consultation. The turnout was enormous and in keeping with all … Continue reading

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Housing Consultation: What do the next generation think?

I grew up as a teenager in a market town with a market twice a week – Thursday and Saturday. My father was a born and bred local. My mother had lived in the town since she was in her … Continue reading

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Ashbourne shows its true colours on the Housing Consultation

Town Hall democracy was well displayed in Ashbourne last night. The consultation on Housing by Derbyshire Dales District Council rumbles on with a closing date of 30th August. The Council has done a round of towns and villages, presenting the … Continue reading

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